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Acorn Express Tour

We visited Morton Arboretum this past weekend since we’re members. I even caught a pic of a hawk in flight, albeit a crappy one as it took off when I was trying to get it sitting on a post.

Hawk in flight

The true reason for our trip, in addition to just wanting to see the trees before all the leaves fell off, and the scarecrows they always put up around the lake, is that I wanted to check out their Glass Pumpkin Patch which was really cool. We didn’t purchase any pumpkins but really enjoyed looking at them.

Glass Pumpkin

Glass Pumpkin

Glass Pumpkin

» Morton Arboretum

In early May Joe and I decided to check out a lesser-known conservatory I read about online called Friendship Park Conservatory in Des Plains, Illinois. Our visit was quite peaceful as we were the only souls there probably due to the overcast slightly cool weather. I wish a place like that existed close to where I work. They have a cute courtyard where you could enjoy a relaxing lunch hour.

We took the 17th through the 21st off work with the intention of visiting Iowa and Nebraska since we’ve never been to either but those plans were thwarted by the insanely crazy heat that settled into that area. There was no way we’d enjoy all the outdoor activities we had planned in 90+ degree weather. Instead we planned a two-day trip to Wisconsin.

On Thursday the 17th our first stop was Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison about an hour after they opened. Parking is challenging because their lot is woefully undersized. The zoo was quote crowded since admission is free. There’s a lot of playground areas for the little kids to enjoy.

From the zoo we made our way to Olbrich Botanical Gardens. It was very peaceful and not too big so we weren’t exhausted walking around the entire place. Plus it’s free. The conservatory on site, however, is not free but isn’t expensive either.

The following day we visited Milwaukee Zoo. We made a point to make a beeline for the big cat house when we first arrived which was a very smart move because we got there not five minutes before a hoard of people did. In the meantime I got some really fantastic shots of a tiger and a decent photo of a cheetah. I’d say the big cat house alone is worth the visit to Milwaukee Zoo. It’s the best I’ve ever seen.

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